• Louisiana Art Museum in Denmark

    If you must see one museum while in Copenhagen, go to the Louisiana. It’s about one hour north of the city and you can get there by bus or taxi. The exhibitions and installations are nice but what truly sets this museum apart is the architecture of the building and its setting on the water. …

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  • Miss Holly Chair

    Yes, another favorite from Jonas Lindvall, our favorite Swedish architect. We saw this chair in small shop in Hellerup, Denmark Description of the chair from Stolab, which licensed the design and manufactures it: Miss Holly was produced with respect for the past and a feel for what is lacking today. Jonas has gained inspiration from …

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  • Arne Jacobsen Station Wall Clock

    Arne Jacobsen’s Station wall clock is an iconic Danish design dating back to 1939. As we toured Copenhagen on our family trip this summer, we couldn’t help but fall in love with this clock. The Airbnb that we stayed at in Hellerup had the smallest size hung in the living room. It was the only piece …

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  • Samsung Serif Television

    Samsung’s newest television, the Serif, opens many possibilities for integration into the modern home. A long time ago, TV’s were built like furniture, and it’s nice to see the pendulum of design swinging back in this direction. View more information on Samsung’s website.

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  • Peace Industry

    Peace Industry began with a gift. In 1999, Dodd Raissnia bought his friend Melina, a painter and graphic designer fresh out of Chicago Art Institute, a little felt rug that he found in a craft shop in Tehran. When the pair became a couple, they wanted to build a business together. Melina, completely charmed and …

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  • Home Accessories in Felt

    So touchable! Modern pillows, baskets and rugs made from wool and other warm materials.

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  • Photo courtesy of Tetsuya Otani

    Minimalist Pottery in the Kyoto Mountains

    An intimate visit with husband-and-wife pottery artists Momoko and Tetsuya Otani at their home and studio in Japan

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  • The Line between Everyday and Heirloom

    A Visit to the Lake Tahoe Home of the Owners of Heath Ceramics

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  • Rugs and Furniture in Felt

    A warm and fuzzy curation by Boulder interior designer Jennifer Rhode

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  • Mountain Minimalism—The Next Level

    Emerging Boulder artist and graphic designer Adam Sinda contemplates what’s next in Colorado’s art and design scene

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  • Interior design in Whistler, BC by Falken Reynolds

    Sense of Place: Clean as in Whistler

    Chad Falkenberg of Vancouver-based Falken Reynolds talks about modern interiors in Whistler’s mountain homes and cabins

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  • LapuanKankurit Misteli blanket and hot water bottle

    The Weavers of Lapua

    More than a hundred years ago, the great-grandfather of Jaana Hjelt’s husband, Esko, opened a wool and felt boot factory in Lankilankoski, Finland, where the Ostrobothnian winters are freezing cold.

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  • Nest Bean Bags by Zilalila

    Cozy and Knit

    Winter interiors: Bring warmth into your home with tufted or knit accessories and furniture

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  • Interior design by Jennifer Rhode / Photo by Bob Carmichael

    Introducing Jennifer Rhode

    Our new interior design contributor will share her insights on creating an alpine-modern home

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  • Quiet Design on Pearl: The new Alpine Modern Shop + Coffee Bar

    Behind the scenes of our new location at Pearl West in downtown Boulder, Colorado: The owners, the architect, and the culinary pro talk about alpine-modern design and the caffeinated shopping experience

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