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  • Photo by Beierle.Görlich for Euroboden

    Art Photography in the Shoemaker’s Farmhouse

    From the Photo Archives… The shoemaker’s farmhouse in Alt-Riem near Munich was built in the 18th century. Stefan Höglmaier, founder of the Euroboden Group, bought the historical structure in 2013 and converted it into a a two-family house in collaboration with architect Peter Haimerl. The architectural concept of the Stockerweg project is based on the premise of …

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  • Haus P by Studio Yonder

    Hillside Holidays

    Near the Austrian border in Germany’s Allgäu, Haus P by Yonder boldly reinterprets the region’s traditional mountain architecture

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  • Recipe: Germknödel with Plum Filling

    Recipe: Germknödel with Plum Filling

    An Austrian ski hut favorite by Austrian top chef Martin Reiter of Hotel Kitzhof in Kitzbühl, Tyrol

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  • Alpine Modern Holidays

    Alpine Modern editor in chief Sandra Henderson shares her guide to a Bavarian-Coloradan Holiday

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  • Traditionally Modern

    At home with Markus Meindl, the modern mountain man behind Bavaria’s traditional maker of lederhosen for the new alpine lifestyle between the forest and the city.

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  • Haus Z2 in Bayrischzell

    The modern vacation home by Beer Bembé Dellinger reinterprets traditional Bavarian-alpine forms and materials

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  • Bavarian Rebel

    Avant-garde artist Bernhard Rieger — master of Lüftlmalerei, inventor of alpine pop art

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  • The Soul Catcher

    Peter Haimerl’s progressive designs save derelict farmhouses

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  • Room for Gemütlichkeit

    The “Stube” — a special place in the alpine homes of Bavaria and Austria

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