Editor's Choice: Journey to Japan

The Beauty of Use

Photo by Jimmy Cohrssen

Hidden in the Japan Alps, a Czech-born artist makes woodstoves that match the simplicity of Japanese interiors. Read more »

The Skyward House

Photo by Jimmy Cohrssen

Japanese architect Kazuhiko Kishimoto designs a human-scale house for a retired teacher. Read more »

Repair With Gold

The Japanese tradition of wabi-sabi. Read more »

A Platform for Living

Photo by Dean Kaufman

A weekend refuge in Japan’s Chichibu mountain range consists of a simple larch wood structure and two North Face tents for bedrooms. Read more »

Zen and the Art of Knife-Making

Takeda in his workshop / Photo by Max Hodges

Using skills derived from the ancient craft of samurai sword-making, a blacksmith in the Japan Alps makes knives so delicate and dangerous they turn chopping into an artful act of passion. Read more »

In Search of Tenkara

The founder of Tenkara USA travels to Japan and brings back the traditional method of fly-fishing with a long rod and without a reel. Read more » △