Inspirations No. 14

Hope you're enjoying a relaxing Saturday. We're getting bundled up and about to head down to the Cafe for waffles with our guests visiting from California. There's nothing like sugary waffles and warm coffee to kick off a weekend with friends. We're so thankful for the success of Alpine Modern Cafe and the amazing staff that wake up every morning to serve our neighborhood and the wide-eyed visitors from around the globe. It's demanding, being in the service industry, but occasionally our drained egos are refilled by a thoughtful online review, a sincere thank you, or, in this case, a spot at the top of a well-regarded list. Alpine Modern Cafe was highlighted, along with Intelligentsia, as the best place to get coffee in the USA from the Financial Times newspaper. We learned about this on Friday when we had an unusual number of Englanders visiting the Cafe, all snapping photos for their Instagram accounts. So cool! Well done, everyone! Here are some inspirations to keep you busy this morning:

  • Finally, someone designed a television for the modern home. The Samsung Serif is a work of art.

  • Coco has become an Instagram icon. She lives in Japan and she is only six years old.

  • This online illustrated guide to Frank Lloyd Wright's signature buildings.

  • This new game from our friend, Matt Sisson, called Ravine. We’ll be carrying it in our Shop once it’s ready but if you want to support Matt and receive an early copy, back him on Kickstarter.

  • Mr Porter curated a wonderful list of retreats. What’s more luxurious than a retreat in the middle of nowhere?

  • Chasen + Stone Matcha made this video about the cultivation and production of it matcha. This small farm in Japan supplies all the matcha for our Cafe and Coffee Bar.

  • Desktop cold brew coffee system by Bruer.

  • Two alpine-modern architects in Colorado worth noting: Studio-B and tres birds workshop

  • Loving these new Reebok × Barneys New York suede shoes.

  • Our Canadian friends at Wise sent us samples of their hair care products. We’ve been using the shampoo for the last two weeks. It smells splendid and the packaging's oh so nice.

  • This home in Northern California is worth the click.