Morning at Home

“I’m going to make everything around me beautiful — that will be my life.”

— Elsie de Wolfe (1865–1950), interior designer, United States

Surrounding yourself with delightful everyday objects you love makes everyday life more beautiful. Items you look at and touch all of the time carry significance in creating life’s simple pleasures. Both form and function are important. When a knife, a kitchen cloth, a teapot, a mug are so impeccably designed, so sensuously textured, and so faultless in their utility, all but their overt beauty is rendered unnoticable. Good design makes your day, begin it in beauty.

Quite similarly, a strengthened body harbors a nourished soul. Taking time to mindfully prepare real food for yourself and those who wake up with you feeds self-respect and manifests regard for the well-being of family and friends gathered at your table. Good food makes your day, begin it in strength.

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Photo by Ashton Ray Hansen

Recipe: The Perfect Egg Sandwich

A simple dish to remind you to try new new things in life. Make

Glass French Press

This Glass French Press (available in gray or clear) is an evolution of the classic press pot. The press brews a perfect full-bodied pot of coffee or tea in the traditional French Press method. Made of premium heat-proof borosilicate glass, it is durable and able to withstand extreme temperatures. Shop at Alpine Modern

Kale & Potato Pancakes with Gravlax and Nordic Yogurt / Recipe by Alpine Modern

Recipe: Kale and Potato Pancakes with Gravlax and Nordic Yogurt

Alpine Modern Executive Chef Ellory Abels created a delicious dish to make for your weekend brunch. Make

Photo by Ashton Ray Hansen

Recipe: Alpine Granola

A morning at home with a simple bowl of toasted oats and nuts. Make

Photo by Ashton Ray Hansen

Alishan Jin Xuan High Mountain Spring Oolong Tea / Taiwan

The name Jin Xuan refers to a specific tea varietal developed by the Taiwan Research and Experiment Station (TRES), which is dedicated to the improvement of the tea industry of Taiwan. Jin Xuan teas are satisfying as they offer good amplitude in texture and taste. With mild floral notes, they have the greatest potential for sweetness, with hints of exotic fruit. Teas elaborated with Jin Xuan leaves have a particularly creamy texture with a distinctive milky smoothness and sweetness. Jin Xuan has typical green, crisp pastoral notes with hints of mountain flowers that charm the nose. The perfect cup of tea to begin the day. From Taiwan Tea Crafts.

Photo by Ashton Ray Hansen

Tetsubin Tea Vessel / Japan

A tetsubin is a Japanese vessel for preparing tea. This beautiful cast-iron tetsubin is adorned with the traditional “snow pellets,” or dots. An added benefit of the cast-iron is that iron is transferred from the kettle to the drink, providing the body with the healthy mineral. From Ikenaga Iron Works Japan.

Photo by Ashton Ray Hansen

Recipe: Grapefruit Brulée

Broiled in the oven, the grapefruit forms a delicious golden brown and crispy surface. Make

Photo by Ashton Ray Hansen

Forest Honey / Italy

Dark amber color, rich taste, though not overpowering, this honey is great spread on bread. Born from the nectar of flowers in the wilderness of the fragrant, humid forests of northern Italy, this honey has the fresh and delicate scent of the mountains. From Rigoni di Asiago.

Fox In The Leaves Tray

Beautifully printed melamine tea tray featuring Donna Wilson’s watercolour illustration of a fox in a leafy woodland. Made in a small factory in Belgium. Shop at Alpine Modern