Saved Souls on Simplon Pass

My buddy Morad and I ventured up snowy Simplon Pass in Switzerland on a road trip. We walked away from the car to take a few photographs. When we came back to the car and I started the engine, I couldn’t shift the gears. I had damaged the clutch when I put the vehicle in reverse to park. We were high up in the mountains, and night was about to fall. A snowstorm was moving in. Not a soul around to help us.

It’s crazy, but at the bottom left in the photo, you can see a car coming up the pass. A local from a nearby village who drives over the mountain pass once every two weeks.

Morad and I must be the luckiest guys alive. The dude was a mechanic and saved our asses. His name was Christian. I owe him for life. △

Photo by Omar-Sidi Alami