Home Accessories in Felt

The archaeologists who liberated the city of Pompeii from the layers of ash preserving it made the fascinating discovery of several felt shops. The ancient Pompeiian felt merchants specialized in wearable pieces like hats, gloves, cloaks and blouses. There are murals depicting the felters at work, kneading the rolls of wool on a low table. The vats present in the work spaces indicate that they also developed a process for dying the felted wool various color ways. While these felters and their shops remain forever frozen in the moment that Mount Vesuvius erupted, felt as a textile has endured. Today, felt is available in a multitude of colors and has enjoyed special status as a favorite craft material. Used for Halloween costumes, elementary school stage sets, holiday decorations, dolly clothes and beginning sewing projects, felt has been a presence in many childhoods. Its woolly texture is tactilely engaging and elicits feelings of comfort and coziness. Felt is now being used as a fabrication for a range of home accessories that add both warmth and appeal to modern spaces.

Felted storage baskets

The following felt baskets offer a winsome means of organizing the modern home and can contain all manner of living room paraphernalia: books, magazines, blankets, extra cushions or firewood.

Muuto’s tidy, molded Restore baskets have rounded, crisp, die-cut edges.

The Korb Tote from Graf Lantz is constructed from felt flexible enough that the leather handles may be folded down for a lower profile or left upright for use as a carrier bag.

Tamar Nix of boodo creates felt storage baskets with an even, geometric cut out pattern that looks woven.

Felt accessories for cuddling up

Felt pillows and throws tucked onto a sofa encourage you to nestle in. The Pebble Cushions from Ronel Jordaan look like a collection of soft, variegated stones.

Bludot’s Duck Duck pillows come in a range of cheerful solids with refreshing, contrasted piping.

The felted cushions and blankets from Fog & Fury range from graphic striped and geometric designs to quieter, blurred compositions with raised woolen curls.

Felt in the kitchen

Felt has also made its way into the kitchen. The understated New Form Felt Bread Baskets from Menu are edged in an exposed zigzag stitch. The morning’s baked goods have never looked more tempting.

The simple Wool Felt Placemats from Graf Lantz add cozy, dimension to your table.

Felt Ball Rug Australia offer colorful, fuzzy trivets prepared to host your tea kettle or warm evening casserole.

Felt for the bath

Beyond felt, the Pompeiians of Ancient Rome were also known for their public thermal baths. How they would have enjoyed stepping out of the bathing pools onto Ronel Jordaan’s inviting felted Pebble Bath Mats.